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Face Painting

is a fabulous form of family entertainment, catering for all ages.

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Face Painters

add colour and glamour to a variety of events such as children's parties, fetes, fun days and festivals.

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Face Painting

offers a range of designs from butterflies to tigers; fairies to spiderman; flowers to skulls.

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Face Painting

Face painting is a wonderful entertainment choice for children's parties, fetes, festivals and promotional events. It's great fun for all age groups and adds something special to any occasion. From full-face designs to cheek, hand and arm art, most children love to get painted.

This website is a directory of the leading Face Painters in Australia. Please click on the associated link or menu tab above, for a Face Painting service in Queensland, New South Wales/ACT, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

DISCLAIMER: The administrator of this web page gives no warranty as to artistic abilities of face painters, insurance of face painters and the accuracy of the information contained on this/or their website/facebook page. Each individual is encourage to make their own enquiries with whichever face painters they choose.

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What type of events is Face Painting suitable for?

  • Private Parties
  • School Fetes
  • Community Fairs
  • Festivals
  • Family Fun Days
  • Sporting Presentations
  • Weddings
  • Premiers
  • Carnivals
  • Stage Performances

Types of Face Painting Designs

Most Face designs fit into one of five general classifications:

  • Halloween FX
  • Simple Cheek Art
  • Masks and Crowns
  • Full Face
  • Eye Designs

The more detailed designs such as Halloween/FX and Full Face are more time-consuming to complete. Whilst the average time to complete a Face Paint is five minutes, if the first child in line requests a very complex design, the other children will follow suit extending the average time per design to 10 minutes, or six Faces per hour.

How many faces can a Face Painter paint per hour?

On average, each face takes around 5 minutes, so a Face Painter can normally handle 10-12 Faces per hour. For more intricate designs, it will take longer than relatively simple artwork. Cheek Art can be completed in far less time than "ear-to-ear" full-face Artwork. Depending on the client's requirements, most Face Painters will keep queues to a minimum by matching supply with demand i.e as the number of faces to be painted increased, the complexity of the design decreases. This ensures all children get the opportunity to have their Faces painted.

Is there a minimum age for a child to be Face Painted?

Generally, all children over the age of three years can be Face Painted. Some older children tolerate Face Painting better than others. If it's obvious a child does not want to be Face Painted, most artists will decline even if the parent specifically requests the artwork. The idea of forcing a child to get painted goes against what Face Painting is all about.

Children 2-3 years of age tend not to sit still for very long, so most full Face Painting is not recommended. Very young children of this age are better suited to a small design on the cheek, arm of hand.

What Type of Face Paint is best for my children?

All paints and glitters used of Face Painting party should be professional, FDA approved, cosmetic grade, have anti-bacterial properties added to them and are hypoallergenic. Face painting paints and face glitter are made for skin only.

What about skin conditions and cleanliness?

If a child show signs of a skin condition such as open sores, rashes or wounds; most Face Painters will recommend painting an arm, wrist or hand instead. Hand Sanitizers and baby wipes should be used continuously throughout the event. Upon completion of each event, all linens and associated equipment should be washed and sanitised in preparation for the next booking.

How can I remove the Face Paint?

When removing the face painting make-up after an event, use an old rag or a dark cloth with a gentle liquid baby cleanser that features a "tears free" soap such as Johnson & Johnson "No More Tears". Get the face very wet and lather, wipe off and rinse then repeat. Do not scrub and irritate the skin, as the face paint will come off the skin without very little rubbing. If residue remains, moisturize the face, wait a half hour, then gently wash the face again..

What do I need to provide for the Face Painter?

Most Face Painters will bring their own table and chair. During the day, a shady area is preferable, especially during summer. A pop-up styled Marquee may be required. At night, Face Painters will need a well-lit area large enough to work in with a little extra space for children to queue, parents to watch etc.

What will the Face Painter bring?

Most Face Painters will bring their own table, chair, and paints. During the day, a shady area is preferable, especially during summer. At night, Face Painters will need a well-lit area large enough to work in with a little extra space for children to queue, parents to watch etc.

Do Face Painters provide other services?

Yes, Face Painters may also offer the following services:

  • Balloon Twisting
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Body Painting
  • Crazy Hair
  • Magic Shows

What information should I give the Face Painter to confirm the booking?

  • Address of the Event
  • Date of the Event
  • Time of the Event
  • Number of children present
  • Theme of the event
  • Mostly boys? Mostly girls?
  • Contact details

Do Face Painters wear costumes?

Most Face Painters can dress in a Fairy, or bright, colourful costume depending on the theme of the event.

Is Face Painting just for children?

Definitely not! Many parents will have their Faces painted at children's events. Face Painters also attend adult Parties, Hen's Nights, Baby Showers and Corporate Events.

Do Face Painters need insurance and Blue Cards?

Yes, Face Painters require full Public Liability Insurance and current "Working with Children" Blue Cards.

When do Face Painters arrive and leave?

Face Painters normally arrive 15 minutes before the booked commencement time. This is not included in the Face Painting time.

How much does Face Painting cost?

Face Painters charge by the hour. Normally, there's a two-hour minimum hire period. The hourly hire rate tends to reduce as the number of hours increase and range from top-of-the-line Face Painters at $100.00 per hour, to the more economical Face Painters who charge $80.00 per hour. Many Face Painters are part-timers, who do not charge GST.

Travelling Fees usually apply to events located approximately 50kms from where the Face Painted is based.

Beware of really cheap face painters! Remember, you only get what you pay for. Super discounted Face Painters normally cut costs by using cheap paint, and offer very poor quality workmanship in their designs.